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    Free guidance through the complex coating industry to save you time & money

Ayold – An independent coating agency

Our team of coating experts here at Ayold are working every day to match coating problems with the right coating solution. We connect your need for the right coating at the best price with the right coating manufacturer or company for the job.

Ayold is an independent coating agency that connects demand and supply in the coating industry, providing what we call our Coating Connection Service™.

What is the Coating Connection Service™?

The Coating Connection Service™ is free professional guidance to save you time and money when navigating the complex coating industry. As part of our service we assess your enquiry and connect you to the coating partner with the right knowledge and expertise to help you further.

We will gladly answer all your questions related to paint & coatings. We have an extensive network of partners who know all about the latest developments. As a service to our users and visitors we try to answer – all questions –  we receive, the more complex the better!

For all your coating needs in the United Kingdom

Send us your coating related questions, issues and quote requests

We will connect your request to the best suitable coating company in the UK

Free Expert coating advice, working closely with industry specialists for the best answer

Feel free to request a quote from one of our partners for your project

We will process your enquiry within 1 to 2 business days

Getting the right coating and pricing is easy!

  • 1. Describe your Project

    Get started by sending us your project and coating request details. It only takes a minute, your project and information will be handled carefully by our experts.
    Post your project and request the best coating from one of our partners.

     Free expert coating advice, in cooperation with coating manufacturers we can give you the best answer

     Receive an answer within one to two business days

     Feel free to request a quote from one of our partners

  • 2. We make the connection

    After you request your coating and send us your project details our coating experts will match your request with the best coating and manufacturer.
    They will contact you and send you custom made offers.

  • 3. Get the best coating

    Our coating experts will process your request and project and will find the best coating and partner.

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