Natural superhydrophobic coating

Afraid of water – Hydrophobic coating

Nanotechnology allows development of hydrophobic and superhydrophobic coating. These are always waterproof and often also water repellent. Often the superhydrophobic coatings also have oleophobic properties meaning that they do not only repel water but also grease and oils. Superhydrophobic spray is suitable for many different applications. You can apply them on your clothes to waterproof for example your shoes or jacket.

You can also treat windows with hydrophobic coatings to prevent water droplets staying on the surface disturbing viewing conditions. As most of the superhydrophobic coatings are also resistant to grease and dirt, they are ideal protection coatings for textiles in car interiors and furniture. The coating makes the surface easy to clean and does not change the appearance of the surface. Even the most difficult oil stains do not adhere.

Nanotechnology enables superhydrophobic coating

The main cause of damage, degrading and or corrosion of different materials is moisture. In the British weather no one and nothing can escape the rain. Therefore, porous minerals like concrete substrates absorb water and damage over the years. This is because of the harmful contaminants in the rainwater. In addition metal surfaces corrode and wood will eventually degrade.

Furthermore, water can even cause shortages on electrical circuit boards of for example LED street lights. Normal waterproof coating acts as a barrier between the rain and the substrate. The water simply slides of but the coating does not allow the substrate to breathe unfortunately. A great disadvantage because this will ultimately damage the substrate. In addition, normal coating can also influence the appearance of the substrates if thick layers are requires.

Super hydrophobic spray repels water

Super hydrophobic nano coating however bonds invisibly with the ultra small pores of the substrate. Super hydrophobic literally means super afraid of water. Water is actively beaded and repelled and the substrate remains breathable after applying. The advantages summed up:

Water drops on metal sheet with hydrophobic coating

Non water spray applied on metal to protect the surface from water.

  • Contamination has no chance of penetrating
  • The ultra thin layer is practically invisible
  • It’s solvent free
  • Odorless
  • Pressure wash resistant (50-60 BAR)
  • It does not change the appearance of the substrate and there is no color infiltration
  • It protects the substrate against damaging UV rays
  • Protects against frost and snow
  • It’s easy to clean
  • It protects the substrates and gives it a longer life span

Besides rain the super hydrophobic nano coating also protects against other water based liquids like drinks, sauces, mud and syrups. As a result it is often used in restaurants and kitchens.

Hydrophobic solar panel coating

Solar panels applied with hydrophobic coating

Superhydrophobic coating increases solar panels’ energy generation.

Solar power is one of the sources for renewable energy. Even in the UK, solar power is used, despite the rainy and cloudy weather. Hydrophobic solar panel coatings repel water and do not let the water drops stay on the surface; when the surface is free from water, dust and dirt, the power generation increases. Super hydrophobic coating can significantly improve the efficiency of the panels and energy production.

Not only does the coating keep the surface free from water but also works against bird fouling and other natural contaminants. Superhydrophobic coatings form a self cleaning surface that lets nothing adhere to it. This is beneficial for the efficiency of solar panels; there’s nothing between the panel and sunlight!

Superhydrophobic spray for everyday use

Most of the hydrophobic and superhydrophobic coatings for small items come in a form of spray. The superhydrophobic spray is easy to apply and therefore, suitable for home applications.

Goodbye wet feet and dirty shoes – Use Non-water spray!

A superhydrophobic spray (with oleophobic properties) makes your shoes and clothes waterproof and prevents dirt and grease from adhering into them. In Britain there are at least two products NeverWet and LiquidOff which are especially developed for water- and dirt-proofing fabrics such as shoes and jackets. The product might seem expensive but it is enough for spraying 28 pairs of shoes!

BrandProduct TypePrice
LiquidOffA protective hydrophobic spray especially for shoes£60 (enough for 28 pairs of shoes)
NanoRoadHydrophobic, waterproof spray for shoes, jackets and other textiles£ 19.99 (100 ml)
superhydrophobic spray

A superhydrophobic spray keeps even light coloured car interiors clean

No more stains on car textiles!

Car interiors are often subject to stains and smudges which are difficult to completely remove. Therefore, an oleophobic and hydrophobic spray has been developed to keep car interiors clean (or at least easy to clean). For example Nanoman offers such a product. The product makes the seats and other textiles in the car waterproof and easy to clean completely. However, the fabric remain breathable and the appearance does not change.

BrandProduct TypePrice
Rust-Oleum NeverWetA multi surface spray repelling water. Clear layer of protective coating for interior and exterior useKits starting from £13.40
Nanotol CeNano Textol ProA hydrophobic nano coating for textiles for example for car interiors240 £/litre (usually sold in spray bottles of 0.05 litres)

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