Industrial powder coatings being applied with a powder coating gun in a booth

Improve your processes with industrial powder coatings

Industrial powder coatings cover over 15 % of the British coating industry; and it’s no wonder. Powder coatings are efficient to apply and they provide extreme durability. Therefore, the industrial powder coatings are used in industries such as general manufacture, automotive and marine.

Here we will dig deeper into the world of industrial powder coatings!

Industrial powder coating vs liquid painting

If there is one coating that is suitable for almost everything, it is powder coating. Liquid paint can be running, sagging and uneven; but powder coatings are applicable as dry, free flowing powder which cures to a smooth and texture free protective (and decorative!) layer.

  1. Environmentally friendly
  2. Tougher finish, better surface durability
  3. Faster application and shorter curing time

The question however, remains whether you should set up a powder coating line on your premises or hire an expert powder coater to do the job for you. Theoretically, if powder coating will be a standard procedure within your production line, you should consider bringing powder coating in house. However, if powder coating is in occasional use as part of some projects, using an industrial powder coating service is more feasible.

Note that if you wish to set up a powder coating line, you need proper equipment!


If powder coating is not needed for a lot of projects, outsourcing it to an expert is a possibility.

Industrial powder coating services in the UK

If you wish to let powder coating done in an industrial facility, make sure that the company is at least ISO 9001 certified like the companies in the table below. These companies additionally use high quality powders from manufacturers such as:

  • Interpon (AkzoNobel)
  • Axalta
  • PPG
  • HMG Paints
  • Jotun
PCL Powder CoatingBridgewater, Somerset
GKL Coatings LimitedSoham, Cambridgeshire
WEC GroupDarwen, Lancashire
HCA Coating LtdAndover, Hampshire
Barley Chalu LimitedAyton Road, Wymondham

In case you need any additional information regarding industrial powder coatings, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you with any powder coating project!