instant paintable caulk

Innovative instant paintable caulk

Sealants and fillers are most often silicone sealants which unfortunately are not successfully paintable. Therefore, an acrylic filler is a wiser choice when you want to paint over it; these fillers however have a rather long drying time and they must absolutely be completely dry before painting on them. If you are in need of a paintable sealant, but your time is limited; an instant paintable caulk is the best option.

The instant paintbale caulk has been developed to overcome difficulties painting caulk, and also to make it possible to finish the job within 24 hours. This caulk is an acrylic filler which is paintable with waterborne and synthetic coatings right after application. It additionally adheres well and does not require a primer; it even reduces cracking and discolouring of the paint.

  • Easy to apply
  • Almost odourless
  • Can be painted right after application
  • Well adhering even without a primer
  • Does not corrode metals

Apply instant paintable caulk anywhere – easily

instant paintable caulk

Instant paintable caulk is suitable for example for Windowsills & frames

The instant paintable caulk is suitable for filling gaps and cracks as well as sealing in interiors. It is ideal for locations where movement may occur.

The caulk is additionally suitable for filling nail and screw holes as well as other cracks on walls and ceilings. It is also ideal for guaranteeing a smooth and even paint or wall paper surface; it is namely applicable prior to painting or wall papering to prevent cracks developing later.

The instant paintable caulk is well adhering to most substrates without a primer. These include bricks, plaster, concrete and painted wood.

Suppliers in the UK

At the moment the only supplier of this innovative and time saving caulk is Den Braven (Siroflex). The SX Instant Paintable Caulk is using UCA technology (Unique Compatibility Additives) which ensures the best possible compatibility of caulks and paints (waterborne and synthetic).

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