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Protect your bike by kashima coating fork tubes and rear shocks

Mountain bike and motorcycle lovers are always looking for the best coating for their bikes to improve their performance. Kashima coating provides that searched-for thing: it combines all the qualities and characteristics you most desire for fitting out the bike you love, with a beautiful golden glow. So, what is Kashima coating? Kashima is a hard but lubricating anodised coating which is resistant to abrasion and therefore more durable than traditional shock and fork stanchion coating.

You might look and the Kashima coating cost and wonder if it is worth it. Maybe gold isn’t really your aesthetic. But Kashima coat is so much more than just a pretty colour.

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5 reasons to go for Kashima coat

To understand why everybody is talking about FOX Kashima coating, you need go no further than to look at its benefits. Kashima coated forks, shocks or even car engine parts like pistons will give you:

  1. Increased hardness and extreme durability
  2. A smooth, golden surface which decreases friction and gives high abrasion/wear resistance
  3. Outstanding corrosion resistance, even in salty conditions
  4. Shock insulation and reduced heat build up
  5. Less need for servicing, as the ‘dry lubrication’ reduces maintenance

Titanium Nitride was once the top dog in the suspension coatings realm but then Diamond-Like Coating came along, even more frictionless, and now we have FOX Kashima coat. The secret to Kashima’s success is the hard anodising process and the ‘dry lubrication’ effect of molybdenum disulphide.

What is Kashima coating? The technology behind it

kashima coat

The process of sealing the anodised layer of a Kashima coat

Kashima coating is a treatment developed by the Miyaki Company of Japan. The treatment protects your fork or stanchion against damage or corrosion through a process called anodisation. When aluminium is anodised, an electric current is passed through a solution, using the metal as the negative electrode. As the current passes through it, oxygen from the solution forms a coating over the aluminium. The deeper this coating, the ‘harder’ the anodisation.

The process is finished by sealing and lubricating the deep anodised coating with molybdenum disulphide (as shown in the image, right). This also gives the Kashima coat its distinctive golden colouring.

If the science is too much, don’t worry; all you really need to know is that the special hard anodising process used for Kashima coat is what gives it the durable, smooth, corrosion-free, and beautiful ride you are after. Kashima coating has better lubrication and corrosion resistance compared to other common types of coating such as Teflon, graphite, and tungsten disulphide.

Is being Kashima coated worth it?

Kashima coating on a shock

Kashima coating has a distinctive golden colour.

According to experts, Kashima coat is the best you can get for your bike. However, at the end it’s all about your own experience, as any trip to a MTB forum will show you. Kashima coating is the best currently available coating for fork tubes and shock bodies. Especially when maximum performance of a bicycle or motorcycle is required.

For the occasional Sunday rider, Kashima coating may not be worth the cost. For the hardcore rider, there is simply no better treatment for your fork uppers or shock body. Kashima coat can now be found on transfer posts (probably not worth it, but certainly attractive) and its popularity no doubt means it will be applied to more and more bike components.

All we can say is a Kashima coat on your fork uppers or shock body will make a difference, especially if you ride in harsh weather or road conditions. It is also a good option to extend periods between full services, which may make up for the initial expense.

FOX Kashima coating cost

Kashima is the most expensive option for your bike. The high price is a result of limited availability and the quality of the end product. And quality does not come cheap. However, Kashima coating is also less likely to wear, tear or need replacing than the alternatives, and it requires less maintenance overall, so the result may be cheaper than other coatings.  The following table outlines a variety of Kashima coating costs:

Kashima coated fork crown steerer£200
Transfer post with Kashima coat£250
2018 suspension float with Kashima£479
Strut body shock with Kashima£589
2018 Kashima coated air shock£699
2017 27.7″ bike fork with Kashima uppers£795

Kashima coating service and distributors in the UK

If you choose to invest in Kashima coating, there is only one company in the bike industry that uses it: FOX.  Within the UK the distributor for FOX products is Mojo Suspension. In the UK the following companies provide FOX Kashima coating products and services.

Mojo Suspension Hoodoo Ltd2 RBF Business Centre, Pontymister Industrial Estate, Risca, Newport, NP11 6NP
G Force Suspension Services2 Wanless Ln, Hexham NE46 1BZ
Sussed Out SuspensionUnit 2c, The Gattinetts, Hadleigh Road, East Bergholt, Colchester, Essex, CO7 6QT
Freeborn2 Red Kiln Close, Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 5QL
10 replies
  1. Ovidiu Dedeaga
    Ovidiu Dedeaga says:

    I have an old factory superbike fork , a WP RCMA 5000.
    can you please tell me if you can recoat 9kashima , DLC or ti nitride )the stanchions or the fork inner tubes and service the thing ( seals and bushing) ?
    thank you very much

  2. Anton Knutsson
    Anton Knutsson says:

    Hey Guys!
    Same question as previus speaker. I have an superbike fork that i want to recoat the outher tubes with Kashima coating.
    Im living in Sweden so whats the closest partner of yours?

    • Coating Expert
      Coating Expert says:

      Hi Anton,

      Thank you for your question about Kashima coating. We will send you an email to inform you further about the availability of the coating.

      Best regards,
      Jasmin – Coating.co.uk

  3. benjamin russell
    benjamin russell says:

    I have a set of marzocchi 200mm travel forks that I would like coating, they are black at present however they don’t look right with the bike. What would be the cost to have the tubes only coated ??

  4. Marcin
    Marcin says:

    I Have problem with my front forks for Beta 300 . They loosing material inside of the fork. Every time when I change Oil it Have grey Colour. Soo I would like to coat inside of my forks to be hard and wear resistance. Im from Poland . Please tell me Who will be nearest to my area.
    Thank you

    • Coating Expert
      Coating Expert says:

      Dear Marcin,

      Thank you for your question about Kashima Coating. Unfortunately we do not have any Kashima coating suppliers available near you.

      Best regards,


  5. Matt Jordan
    Matt Jordan says:

    Hi I have some mx/enduro bike fork tubes if like to have coated. If that’s something you can arrange please get in touch


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