A Guide to Kitchen Wall Paints for the UK

For a room where delicate colours and pastels reign supreme, the paint you use in your kitchen needs to be surprisingly tough and hardworking. Finding the best kitchen wall paint isn’t just a case of picking a shade from your Pinterest board and away you go; you also need to consider the conditions of a working kitchen and the surfaces on which you are applying the paint.

For a look at cupboard and kitchen unit paint, head to our cabinet paint guide, or we also have a tile paint guide. For walls and ceilings, you’re in the right place.

The best kitchen paint for walls and ceilings

Though you may not think it, the walls and ceilings of your kitchen cop a lot of mistreatment. An ordinary wall paint, particularly an ordinary matt wall paint, is not designed for the amount of condensation and grease that daily cooking lets into the air. Below are 5 of the top kitchen wall paint products for walls and ceilings and why we chose them.

Combat Condensation with a Midsheen Finish

Kitchen paint
Johnstone’s Kitchen & Bathroom

Johnstone’s Kitchen Paint is excellent against condensation because of its specially formulated midsheen finish. It is also:

  • Available in a fun range of 15 colours
  • Low odour and water-based – easy to apply and better for your family
  • Scrubbable – 10 times the wash resistance of conventional emulsions

Tough on Grease in a Range of Colours

kitchen paint
Dulux Kitchen+ Grease Protection
Kitchen paint
Dulux Easycare Kitchen Paint Matt

Dulux kitchen paint comes in two formulations – Easycare and Kitchen+. Both are grease and stain resistant, but Kitchen+ is even tougher for areas near food preparation where chances of splashback are high.

  • Matt finish
  • Available in 30 colours

Kitchen Paint That is Scrubbable & Stain-proof

Kitchen paint
Leyland Kitchen & Bathroom Paint

An important factor for any kitchen paint is the ability to scrub or wipe it – mess happens, and you don’t want it to be permanent. Leyland Kitchen Paint is scrubbable and resists stain and grease as well as being:

  • Good against condensation
  • Mid sheen finish in a range of 10 colours
  • Low odour and quick drying

Kitchen Paint That Protects Against Germs

Kitchen paint
Crown Kitchen & Bathroom Paint

You don’t want to be worrying about germs in the space where you prepare meals for family and friends. Crown Kitchen Paint has an antibacterial+ formula to combat household germs. It is also:

  • Steam, grease, and stain resistant
  • Available in 16 colours in a matt finish
  • Low odour Breatheasy formulation

What makes kitchen paint different

When you choose a paint for the walls of your house, the paint needs to be colourful, attractive, maybe scrubbable in certain rooms (looking at you, kids), and, unless you are unconventional, low sheen. The chalky matt surfaces that are currently so popular are not appropriate in high humidity spaces like kitchens.

Kitchen paint is specially formulated to withstand condensation and humidity, sometimes even mould, as well as being easily wipeable and greaseproof. They come in range of sheens, and are not just functional – the different manufacturers also provide a range of attractive colours.

The most popular kitchen wall paint colours

Painting a kitchen is the perfect way to give a tired space new life, without costing an arm and a leg. When choosing the colours for your makeover, make sure you take into account the light of the room. East facing rooms have slightly blue light, so blue tones will work well. South facing rooms suit any colour, while north facing rooms should avoid greys and greens if you want to avoid them feeling cold.

The current trend in paint colours is for bold pops of colour (for cabinets or islands, for example), and dark dramatic tones. Robin egg blue is always popular, and pastel tones can make a grey and dreary British winter morning just that little bit brighter. You can pair the hue or light value of cabinet and wall colour to match two different colours, or you can choose a series of colours from the same palette. Ultimately, the choice comes down to what you like, and what won’t drive you mad three months down the line.

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