line marking paint making yellow lines on a road

Line marking paint for roads, factories and many more surfaces

Line marking paint includes all coatings used for drawing lines on roads, sports fields and other surfaces such as factory floors. The type of line marking coating is dependent on the location and environment of the lines. For example grass line marking paint (for example for football fields) is different from the coating for parking lots. Line marking coatings are often divided into grass line marking paint and traffic coatings (also known as road coatings).

Types of marking coatings by resin

  • Epoxy coatings for factories and public buildings such as hospitals
  • Thermoplastics for road marking
  • Waterborne paints for sports field marking

Some road marking paints additionally have safety increasing properties. The usually highly visible colour choice makes sure that the line is seen. However, special properties such as glow in the dark and anti slip can be given to traffic paint.

Grass line marking paint for sports fields

green footbal field with white line marking paint

Line marking paint is commonly applied for example on football fields

The line marking coatings for grass are often waterborne, thus user friendly, systems. The application of these paints usually takes place with a line spraying machine. Most often the grass lining paints are white and they are rather durable in terms of weather resistance: the spray must last throughout the match whatever the weather.

The grass line marking paint is available in many online shops. Also well equipped sports specialist shops offer line marking sprays. For bigger projects, requesting quotes and comparing prices is advisable.

 Traffic paint for roads and parking lots

Road marking paint is usually solvent borne, even though waterborne alternatives also exist. The paint is usually applied by professionals. In the UK governmental parties determine the colours of the coatings for public roads. Similar paint systems are also suitable for painting symbols on roads. These include speed roundels, numbers and letters, arrows and logos (such as disabled and triangular signs).

Traffic paint suppliers are present online and offline in physical shops. Be sure to request a quote to make sure you get the best price combined with the highest quality!

Grass line marking and traffic paint suppliers in the UK

In the UK there are many suppliers for line marking coating. One can purchase a special waterborne spray for sports fields or a solvent-borne two component systems for marking parking lots and garage floors.

RoadCraft and Promain for example provide line marking paints for industrial use and for consumers.