metal coating

Industrial metal coating for protection and maximum durability

Industrial metal coatings aim at cost efficient solutions which protect the substrates from deterioration by providing maximum durability with minimum need for maintenance. In general metal coating can refer to either coatings which consist of or contain metal, or to coatings which are suitable for metal surfaces.

In this article we will take a look at the different types of coatings for metal and metal coating processes as well as introduce several companies who metal coatings them in the UK. Industrial metal coatings exist as different types of surface coating, powder coating and liquid metal finishes and coatings. These coatings have special properties which protect the metals such as steel, aluminium and copper from environmental hazards.

The main types of metal coatings include:

Anodising – the surface coating for non-ferrous metals

Anodising is a metal surface coating which results from a chemical reaction causing faster oxidation. This coating method is suitable only for non-ferrous metals such as aluminium or titanium due to the fact that oxidation on ferrous metals (commonly known as rust) weakens the surface instead of strengthening it. Thus steel is not suitable for anodising. Theoretically, aluminium coated steel would be suitable for anodising. Aluminum is the most often anodised metal due to the fact that aluminium oxidation leads to a layer of aluminium oxide; which is extremely protective and also provides an optimal surface for secondary coating applications such as colouring and sealing.

4 reasons to choose for anodising

  1. Cheaper than liquid metal coatings (coil coatings as an exception);
  2. Doesn’t peel, crack or flake (the anodic layer is an integral part of the surface);
  3. Tough coating that resists extreme abrasion;
  4. 100% UV resistant unlike powder and liquid metal coatings.

Anodising companies in the UK

Here you will find several companies in the UK that provide anodising services. Some of these companies additionally provide other metal surface coating services such as electroplating.

Aluminium anodisingWest YorkshireMoss Metal Finishing
Aluminium and titanium anodisingDorsetMetal finishings
Aluminium anodisingCheshireSnelsons
Sulphuric and hard anodisingManchesterColour Anodising
Aluminium anodisingHigh WycombeAlpha Anodising
Sulphuric and hard anodisingHampshireAFC Anodising
Aluminium and titanium anodisingMiddlesexMetro Engineering and Plating Works
Aluminium and SteelHebden BridgePre-Treatment Technologies Limited

If you are not sure which one of these companies could best carry out your project, or you would like to receive a more extensive list, do not hesitate to contact us.

Galvanizing or hot-dipping steel

hot dip galvanizing metal in a zinc bath

Hot dip galvanizing is done in a bath of molten zinc.

Galvanizing is a metal coating process in which a layer of zinc is deposited to a ferrous metal (most often steel or iron) to prevent corrosion on the substrate. This process most often refers to hot-dip galvanizing, where a piece of steel is dipped into a bath of molten zinc. The zinc then adheres to the steel and immediately reacts with oxygen in the air forming a very strong zinc oxide layer, which prevents corrosion on the underlying steel. Hot dip galvanizing is one of the most common and effective types of steel coating.

Even if the zinc layer becomes abraded or otherwise damaged, the steel is still protected from rust due to galvanic action which means the zinc layer becomes sacrificial and corrodes in the steel substrate’s stead.

3 money saving facts about galvanising

  • Lower application costs than painting;
  • Fast application process;
  • Toughest steel coating: lowest long term costs.

Galvanizers UK

Galvanising and spin galvanisingHalesowenJoseph Ash Galvanizing
Hot dip galvanizingNorthants and East YorkshirePremier Galvanizing
Hot dip galvanizingBirminghamArkinstall Galvanizing
GalvanisingNottinghamFrank Hand
Hot dip galvaising and hot spin galvanisingNorfolkBMT Galvanizing
GalvanisingLeedsLeeds Galvanising & Powder Coating

Tip: for the most durable end result, consider duplex system (powder coated galvanised steel).

Many of these galvanizers also provide powder painting services. However, if you would like to know more about powders in steel protection, feel free to read here further. You can also contact us; we are happy to answer all your questions.

Liquid metal coatings and finishes

A metal coating system consists of multiple coatings

A metal coating system consists of multiple coatings

Also liquid coatings are still strongly present in the metal industry; however, they are more often used for reparation and on-site applications than production; yet they are suitable for automated applications, too.

The liquid metal coating can be protective , functional or decorative, or it may also have all three purposes. Usually one product alone does not guarantee the best results but the coating system consists of multiple layers.

Metal coating contractors

For example the following companies apply liquid metal coatings in the UK, countrywide.

  • Anka Metal Coatings Ltd. Corsham: The application of specialist liquid metal finishes
  • Quality Coatings Limited, Banbury: Unique finishes for bronze, iron, copper, gold, aluminium and stainless steel
  • Ferrous Protection Ltd. Delph, Oldham: Industrial surface protection coatings including tanks linings 

Distributors of liquid metal coatings UK

In case you are interested in purchasing industrial metal coatings, but do not require application services, here are some interesting distributors.

  • Kortec Coating Systems Stapleford, Nottingham: All industrial coating solutions and Coating Systems UK
  • Movac,  Cambridge: Coating solution provider
  • Pre-Treatment Technologies Limited Hebden Bridge: Solution provider