Metal Paint for Interior and Exterior Metal

Metal paint and how to use it to get the best result

Painting metal surfaces always requires a paint that is designed for the substrate: metal paint has several crucial features that benefit the substrate – it adheres to metal, resists moisture and so prevents rust on the substrate. As the applications that require meta coating are versatile, there are different types of paint for metal all designed for different purposes – make sure you choose the product that best suits your project.

Choosing the right paint for metal in your project

The best metal paint is the one that meets your project’s requirements regarding protection, colour and application. Each product offers protection for a certain period of time, black metal paint is the most common, but other colours exist, too, and application methods vary as do the need for a primer and drying times. Here below you can find an overview of the UK’s most popular paints for metal for interior and exterior use. For paint for radiators, see our overview here.

An overview of metal paint products in the UK

Hammerite direct to rust Metal Paint
Direct to Rust Metal Paint by Hammerite

Smooth black metal paint to protect from and cover rust

When your project requires durable rust protection, but you are not too enthusiastic about applying the complicated and time-consuming primer-basecoat-topcoat combination, you might consider Hammerite Direct to Rust – an exterior metal paint that can be applied on rusty surfaces as the primer, basecoat and topcoat.

Hammerite Direct to Rust is a black metal paint which can be used for example on cars – the usual car rust repair products require thorough surface preparation and several coatings to succeed, Hammerite is easier to apply and also results in a durable finish. This black metal paint results in a smooth glossy finish on many metal surfaces – ferrous and non ferrous – and it protects from rust for up to 8 years thanks to its formula designed for humidity, rain and rust protection.

Ronseal no rust metal paint
No Rust Metal Paint by Ronseal

Up to 6 years rust protection in all metal paint colours

Ronseal No Rust Metal Paint is a considerable option when you are looking for an anti corrosive paint for exterior metal that is quick and easy to apply and provides rust protection for years ahead – Ronseal promises up to 6 years of effective rust prevention. The No Rust paint for metal is a fast drying solution which doesn’t require a primer; it can be applied direct to rust and is touch dry in 45 minutes. Over coating is safe after 1-2 hours.

The standard colour of metal paints is black for practical reasons, however, this paint is available in a wide range of metal paint colours including silver, dark green and white. Whatever colour you choose to use, the coating should be applied in three coats to guarantee the most durable result.

rust-oleum all-surface paint
All Surface Paint by Rust-Oleum

A paint for metal and many other substrates – All Surface Paint

If your project involves interior and exterior painting of multiple materials, it is time to get to know Rust-Oleum All Surface Paint – you can carry out the whole project with just one can of paint! This all surface solution for interiors and exteriors is a metal paint which protects from rust but also decorates wood and plastic surfaces providing appropriate protection.

The All Surface Paint doesn’t require a primer when applied to ferrous metals even if the substrate were rusty. However, non-ferrous surfaces and galvanised metal do require a primer to guarantee the best result. The paint is touch dry in 2 hours and can be overcoated after 16 hours.

Rustins metal paint
Metal Paint by Rustins

A user friendly metal paint for interiors and exteriors

If you are looking for a general smooth paint for metal to apply indoors and outdoors, Rustins offers the perfect solution – Quick Dry Metal Paint. The coating is water based and has low VOC content  meaning that it is a durable, environmentally- and user-friendly option to paint interior and exterior metal.

This paint comes in a hard-wearing satin finish which effectively resists and prevents corrosion thanks to anti-corrosive additives incorporated into the formula. The additives make it also possible to apply the paint without using a primer. The Rustins paint dries in 2 hours after which it can be overcoated if needed.

blackfriar black metal paint
Satin Black Paint by Blackfriar

Black metal and wood paint for a durable result

Looking for a paint that can be used for more than one application? Blackfriar’s Satin Black Paint can be used indoors and outdoors and next to metal, also applied to wood. The paint is also flexible regarding application methods – application by brush, roller or spray are all possible.

This black paint for metal is ideally applied to wrought iron, doors, skirting, gates and steel fabrications. It is also suitable for decoration items, photo frames and many more substrates. The coating dries in 2-4 hours but requires longer time if overcoating is needed – another coat can be applied after 16 hours. Note that this black metal paint is solvent based and therefore it is important to carefully study the manufacturer’s safety instructions.

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