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Paint for bathroom instead of tiles

A special paint for bathrooms makes it possible to use coating instead of traditional tiles to cover bathroom floors, walls and ceilings. The best coating for bathroom is usually an epoxy due to the fact that the humid and warm environment does not affect it. It is also suitable for new stucco or tiles. This means that you will save time and money by not removing the old wall coverings. Epoxy paint for bathroom results in a seamless film, which means that you no longer have difficult seams to keep clean.

The best paint for bathroom makes the surface waterproof and is not affected by condensation. A proper bathroom paint is:

  • Made for humid areas
  • Seamless and flexible coating
  • Suitable for application on existing tiles
  • Resistant to moisture and therefore, anti fungal
  • Hygienic and easy to clean

Bathroom coatings are suitable for all wet rooms including private and public toilets and bathrooms, changing rooms, saunas and spas. Note that the commercial applications may need to meet stricter requirements than home applications.

Paint your bathroom from ceiling to floor: you need these products


There are different paints for bathrooms that can be applied on tiles and floors

Cleaning the bathroom is usually a time consuming project and might occasionally include removing mould: warm and humid areas tend to attract fungal growth. A bathroom coating that is resistant to water and condensation reduces the risk for mould and speeds up the cleaning process. The best way to protect bathrooms against the effects of warmth and humidity is to apply a waterproof epoxy primer followed by a coat or two of polyurethane paint.

Here you can find some example of products you could use for painting bathroom floors and walls.

  • Paint for bathroom tiles on walls:
    Wickes Colour Bathroom Soft Sheen | £8.00 per L | 11-13 sqm per L
    Suitable for walls and ceilings
  • Paint for bathroom floors:
    Ronseal Diamond Hard White | £21.32 per L | 12 sqm per L
    Suitable for concrete bathroom floors

Tips to succeed in applying paint for bathroom

A seamless bathroom floor is naturally attractive, but it can however, be very slippery, especially when it becomes wet. You should be even more careful with this if you have an epoxy floor in a spa or changing room open for public. Fortunately, the slipperiness can be reduced by applying an anti slip coating on the floor. This coating is also suitable for tiles in wet rooms, and available as a transparent coating which does not change the appearance of the bathroom floor.

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