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Become part of the fast moving coating industry

The paints and coatings industry is one the most important industries of the United Kingdom. That is why it always offers many interesting paints and coatings jobs and opportunities for people with an interest in paints, coatings and chemicals.

Many coating companies are looking for new talented people. Also due to the high rate of people reaching senior age in the industry the need for younger, highly skilled and qualified people is higher than ever.

For students the coating industry offers studying and internships in the UK or abroad. The industry offers opportunities in various job types, from powder coater to international concern manager.

Salaries for Paints and Coatings jobs

Here are some examples of the salaries you will get in a paints and coatings job:

Powder coater £8 per hour
Industrial painter£14-16 per hour
Development chemist£22.000 – 25.000 per year
Technical manager industrial coatings£40.000 – 60.000 per year
Sales manager £40.000 – 50.000 per year
Process improvement manager£50.000 – 60.000 per year
Sales representative £26.000 – 40.000 per year
Technical sales manager £38.000 – 48.000 per year
Chemical technician£28.000 – 30.000 per year
Research£25.000 – 38.000 per year

International and new markets

Various companies offer premiums, rewards, bonuses and benefits beside the stated salary. Bigger coating companies often offer interesting jobs abroad to develop international and new markets.

Young talented people

paints and coatings jobs with a spray gun

Young talent is often sought in the sector of paints and coatings.

The coating industry is constantly in development and it is an interesting industry for young talented people seeking new opportunities. Thanks to many junior positions at companies like Sherwin-Williams, Akzo Nobel and many more there is always an opportunity near you.  

Growth and improvement

New research and technologies, such as nanotechnologies, food industry coatings or intelligent coatings, ensure endless possibilities for personal growth and improvement of everyone in this innovative industry.

Considering entering the coating industry?

Do not forget to look at interesting positions at the British Coatings Federation to help develop this global market in the United Kingdom and support those who are working each day to deliver great and innovate new coating products.