photoluminescent paint effect on a highway

Photoluminescent paint glows in the dark

Photoluminescent paint (PL paint) is a special coating system which is capable of glowing in the dark and low light circumstances.  It is usually strontium aluminate coating system, even though use of other materials is also possible. This unique coating charges up by natural or artificial UV light as well as visible light. Once charged, it releases ‘energy’ in the form of glowing in the dark for hours. However, its brigh

tness dims gradually. The paint can glow up to ten years after getting recharged on regular basis.

Make almost anything glow with PL paint

glow in the dark bicycle road marking

photoluminescent paint is suitable for making road marking more visible

Photoluminescent paint has many purposes. It is for example applicable on bicycle paths and roads to increase safety during the dark hours. It is also possible to apply it a car or bicycle for decorative and safety reasons. Additionally, some PL paint systems are suitable for applications on skin (as body paint) for a short period of time.

Photoluminescent paint is also ideal for marking exit routes and parking areas as well as simply decorating walls, floors and objects.

Benefits of photoluminescent coatings

In addition to looking fascinating, photoluminescent coating has several other benefits. For example, it is very environmentally friendly for it is completely harmless for the nature and non-toxic. It is also cost effective for it glows without  electricity, unlike electroluminescent paint which requires a current for emitting light. Moreover, it does not require maintenance and it saves energy. PL paint also has chemically and physically stable properties. It can, additionally, be “re-used” due to the fact that it absorbs and emits light repeatedly for 10 years depending on the brand.

Different types of Photoluminescent paint

  • Photoluminescent water based acrylic paint: An eco-friendly and non toxic PL paint system with weathering resistance and satisfactory glow effect. This system is suitable for concrete, metals, plastic and timber.
  • Acrylic metal PL paint: Makes for example tools, machinery and equipment glow in the dark! For a better result, it is possible to apply a white base coat before glow paint application.
  • Photoluminescent road marking paint: Extremely ground resistant and well adhering glow paint for road markings, parking lots and bicycle paths.
  • PL epoxy floor paint: An eco-friendly in the dark glowing floor coating which may require a layer of white paint as primer for the optimal glow. The surface dries in four hours and the surface is completely dry within 24 hours from application.