polyurethane foam under glass wool to insulate facade

Polyurethane foam for sealing and insulating

Polyurethane is a very versatile material which allows creative solutions in construction. PU foam is widely used in for example mattresses, car seats and thermal and sound insulation.

Polyurethane foam spray is however, the most common in construction due to the fact that it works as a sealant on many surfaces and bonds materials together. There are different types of foams for a variety of applications.

PU foams can be used for example for:

  • Bonding of various materials on basis of polyurethane foam is also possible. These PU foams can be either one or two component systems. The many advantages of bonding PU foams include, eco-friendliness, time and cost efficiency as well as clean and simple application.
  • PU foam is ideal for filling gaps, cracks and cavities in spaces between walls, window frames and doors. They are also suitable for gap filling in building structures in general.
  • Thermal insulation is another use of PU foam; when applied in between roof panels and wall structures, the heat stays inside and may reduce heating costs.
  • Using polyurethane foams in joint work can lead to a massive sound reduction. Polyurethane foam is very good at blocking out mid range frequencies and is therefore, suitable for sound insulation.
  • As polyurethane paint have insulating properties, they can also contribute to fireproofing. These foams are thus insulate joints from fire, smoke and heat. The foam is naturally, not completely fireproof, but it slows down the burning process and gives more time for evacuation.

Air tight PU foam spray

Siroflex hand held polyurethane foam container

Siroflex Hand Held polyurethane foam

Closed-cell spray polyurethane foam can provide good to exceptional performance in minimising heat transfer, moisture gain, air leakage and improving racking strength. It provides an energy conserving solution to most structures.

Polyurethane foam suppliers in the UK

As the PU foams are suitable for many construction applications, there are also many suppliers for them. The UK polyurethane foam suppliers include for example Den Braven (brand Siroflex), which offers all the above listed PU foam types. Siroflex manufactures standard and premium foams for  industrial use and consumers. The products are also certified and meet market standards; for example the fireproofing PU foam meets the requirements of EN 1366 part 4 for linear joints.

Polyurethane foam toxicity – safe or not?

Lately the use of polyurethane foam spray has awaken discussion about its toxicity. It has been proven that the applying the PU foam spray is not recommendable for people who suffer from allergies or asthma. However, the applications are safe for people who do not suffer from the aforementioned conditions.

Note that different products have different compositions and therefore may require protection such as mask, glasses or coveralls.

Polyurethane foams consist of two components; the mixing usually takes place on site. These two components alone are toxic however, after the curing of the mixture, releasing toxins stops. When mixing the two components is not done properly, it is possible that it remains toxic. The risk of toxicity after curing is reduced (absent) when applying user friendly one component PU spray foams.