polyurethane paint for metal in stair railings.

Reduce costs and increase efficiency with polyurethane paint for metal

Polyurethane coatings (PU paints) are one of the most common types of industrial paint for metal due to their versatility and numerous benefits. Applying polyurethane paint for metal can save costs and remarkably increase efficiency as follows.

  • Applicable direct-to-metal: saves in labour and material costs
  • Suitable for multiple substrates including steel and aluminium: one coating line can be used for multiple applications
  • Fast curing time: increases efficiency

In this article we will dig deeper into polyurethane paint for metal surfaces, and help you assess suitability of PU paint for your applications.

The different types of PU paint for metal

polyurethane paint for metal on car body

polyurethane paints for metal are used in a wide range of sectors including automotive industry

Polyurethane paint is the one coating that is suitable for almost any application on metal surfaces. Once it seems difficult to find the ideal coating for an application, polyurethane coatings for metal should be taken into consideration due to the fact that most of the times they are, or can be made, suitable. One of the main benefits of polyurethane paint is that it can be modified to fit almost any purpose: it can be made flexible (elastomeric coating) or extremely rigid; it is applicable as a thin film coating (solvent borne coatings) and as a thick film in fewer layers (100% solids).

Polyurethanes exist as single and two component systems; the latter is more often used in industrial environments due to the simple fact that they are more durable. There are also water based and solvent borne systems to choose from. The solvent borne options in general offer more durability. The down side is however, that they do have rather high VOC emissions unlike the water based variant.

These are however not the only factors you should choose from when selecting a polyurethane coating for metal. Polyurethanes exist in two types; aliphatic and aromatic.

  1. Aromatic polyurethane coatings for metal
    The aromatic PU coatings are applicable on steel and other types of metal. These coatings are often applied in interiors, due to their poor weathering and UV-resistance. Once these coatings become exposed to UV-radiation, they start yellowing and may crack.
  2. Aliphatic PU paint for metal
    The aliphatic coating systems are the most durable form of PU paint for metal; they are extremely weather resistant and can resist chemicals and impact like no other coating. The aliphatic polyurethanes are, however, more expensive than the aromatic variant.

How PU paint for metal compares to other coatings

The following table illustrates the performance of polyurethane coating for steel surfaces in comparison with the one of other common industrial coatings for metal. It also brings forward the unbeatable benefits of polyurethane coatings.

Performance parameterPolyureaEpoxyPolyurethane
Impact resistanceExcellentPoorGood
Corrosion resistanceModerateExcellentGood
Chemical resistanceModerateExcellentModerate
Abrasion resistanceExcellentModerateExcellent
Curing timeExcellentModerateGood

Industrial polyurethane coatings for metal surfaces in the UK

As polyurethane metal coatings are used in a wide range of environments, we are only able to present a small proportion of all the PU paints for metal available in the UK. Do not hesitate to contact us for more product information; our coating specialists are happy to help you find the most suitable product for your needs.

Polyurethane metal coatingDescriptionSubstrate
Elasthothane Elastline2266100% solids, VOC free PU coating for metal substrates continuously immersed in water (salt or fresh).Direct-to-metal, or on blasted steel
PPG Durethane DTM High solids, low VOC 2K polyurethane paint for metal structuresAluminium, galvanised steel, ferrous metals
International Interthane 990HS68% solids, low VOC aliphatic Polyurethane paint for steel in harsh environmentsCorrectly primed steel structures (new and maintenance)
Rust-Oleum Steel-Tech Polyurethane CoatingModified polyurethane stainless steel coating for harsh environmentsDirect-to-metal, not for galvanised steel
Sherwin Williams Polane Clear TopcoatPolyurethane clear coat for metalfor where water, abrasion and chemical resistance are requiredBrass, copper, steel (zinc or iron phosphated for best corrosion protection)
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