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Powder Coating Prices UK

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Here’s what you can expect from powder coating prices UK

Powder coating is used for projects as far ranging as garden gates and bike frames to pipelines and industrial machinery. Whatever the need, we have the answer to the question “how much does powder coating cost in the UK?”. Powder coating cost is determined by several aspects of the project: the type and colour of the powder, the application method, the amount of pre-treatment required, and the surface area of the part or object. Because the price of powder decreases as the quantity increases, it is more cost-effective to powder coat bigger projects than smaller ones.

Whether you need commercial-scale application, want your rims or wheels powder coated, or are looking to apply it yourself, you have come to the right place. In this article we provide you with an overview of the powder coating prices for industrial applications, do-it-yourself jobs, and all other powder coating services.

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Determining powder coating cost – quotes and flat rates

For industrial powder coating applications, the applicator will usually purchase powders directly from the manufacturer, providing you with a range to choose from. Prices can vary depending on the manufacturer, the type of powder, and the nature of the contract with the supplier. It can often be beneficial to contact the powder manufacturer to enquire directly about powder coating cost based upon their product, and which applicators they supply.

Powder coaters will give you a flat rate for more common jobs (wheels, frames, etc), or a rate based on length in metres (for flat, straight pieces) or cost per square metre for larger pieces. When determining the powder coating cost, an applicator will look at the followings contributing factors:

  • Pre-treatment and cleaning
    If a part is oily, greasy, rusty, still has old paint, or parts need to be removed that are not suitable for powder coating, the powder coater will need to clean and treat the piece in order to effectively apply the powder coating. This may be abrasive blasting or chemical stripping and adds to the man-hours and equipment cost. Masking off parts that you do not want coated is also part of the cost.
  • Shape, size, and number of pieces
    More unusual and complicated shapes are harder to coat effectively, and are therefore more expensive. Likewise outsized pieces are more expensive. You should always check that your powder coater has the equipment and capability required for your particular piece. Many powder coaters use large and small batch ovens, and costs are higher where pieces need individual treatment.
  • Powder type and finish
    Powders, like liquid paints, come in a variety of chemistries including epoxy, polyester, nylon, and polyurethane. They range in cost; polyester powder coating is the cheapest option and the more heavy-duty types such as fluoropolymers are at the more expensive end. Effect powders and finishes such as pearlescent or matte are also more expensive than the simpler options. Powders are cheaper by weight in greater quantities, so the more surface you coat, the lower the powder cost per kilo will be. 0.5kg of powder will cover about 4m2 of flat surface.

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Powder coating equipment prices for new businesses and DIY

If you are looking to set yourself up as a professional powder coater or just want to put together a DIY shop in the garage, there are a number of costs you will face. As mentioned above, powder coating requires a number of steps and specialist equipment and know-how. Powder coating cost will comprise of surface preparation (sandblasting cabinet and abrasive materials or chemical stripping), coating equipment (masking tapes, spray booth, spray gun, hangers, coating powders, racks), and curing equipment (curing oven and assorted paraphernalia).

In the following table you can find some powder coating products and their prices. Note that the prices are only indications, and powder coating equipment pricing is variable between companies and products.

Powder Coating Equipment ItemDescriptionPrice
Powder coating powderThermaset Jet Black Matt epoxy powder£24/1kg or £150/20kg
Powder coating powderThermaset Jet Black Gloss polyester powder£24/1kg or £96/20kg
Powder coating spray gun systemEasy Coat system including spray gun, powder canisters, filter, ground strap, universal fitting, a case, and a powder£179
Industrial spray gunGema Optiflex 2 Powder Coating Gun£5250
Powder curing ovenEastwood Benchtop Curing Oven$100 (US)
Industrial electric curing ovenUK Powder Coating electric oven, 1.2m x 1m x 1.6m£3450

The cost of powder coating – price list overview in the UK

Powder coating is a simple and versatile coating method, and because of this there are many companies in the UK that provide powder coating services. Of course not all of these provide the same services; it is less likely that you will find industrial powder coating in central London, for example, than if you were in more industrial Birmingham. Wheels are one of the more popular applications available everywhere, and powder coating pricing these popular items is more representative.

So, how much is powder coating going to set you back? To give an indication of powder coating cost, we put together a powder coating price list including the most common items that are brought to powder coating paint shops. These prices are merely indications and not exact costs. If you want more powder coating information, or have a powder coating project and want to be connected with one of our coating partners, take advantage of our 100% free quoting service. Our experts are here to help you find your coating solution, just click the “Request a quote” button at the bottom of this article!

Powder Coating Bicycle PartsPowder Coating Cost Estimate/Rate
Frame coatingFrom £45
Front forks£18- £65
Rims 18″/26″£20/30
Powder Coating Motorcycle Parts
Frame coatingUp to £300
Wheels (front and rear)From £95
Wheel rim onlyFrom £40
Sissy bar£27
Head lamp shell£23
Engine coversFrom £18
Brake rotor (disc)£22- £37
Powder Coating Car Parts
Suspension arms (bottom/top)£15
Prop shaft£50 (excl. re-balancing)
Gearbox casing£60
Rocker cover£30-50
WheelsFrom £45
Brake Plate£28
BumperFrom £35
Powder Coating Steel Parts
Mild steel beams and plates£35 per m2
Galvanized steel£25 per m2
Aluminium/ stainless steel sheet£15 per m2
Miscellaneous Parts
Garden furniture table and 4 chairsFrom £300
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