powder coating scotland

Powder coating Scotland

Powder coating is applied to thousands of products across many markets. It is tough, durable, cost and waste efficient, more environmentally friendly than the alternatives and comes in a dazzling range of colours and finishes. In Scotland, powder coating is used in industries including marine, agriculture, construction, renewable energy, and gas and oil. Powder coating is used on everything from tractors to fire extinguishers to give them a durable and attractive finish.

Both industrial and consumer applications are available with powder coating, you can just as easily get your wheels coated as a pipeline.

Connect with powder coating Scotland

The following is a table outlining just a few of the powder coating companies operating in Scotland. If you would like to be connected, or need more information for your area, please contact us!

Aaztec Coatings Hillington LtdGlasgow
P & J Powder CoatingsGlasgow
Perth Powder CoatingPerth
Wheel Wizards Scotland LtdSouth Lanarkshire
Trimite ScotlandGlasgow
Industrial Paint and PowderMidlothian / Edinburgh

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