paint cans in various colours

Specialty paint finishes offer off-the shelf solutions

Not all products and projects are the same. Sometimes a special colour, effect or texture is required to get that perfect finish. If you are looking for a custom made solution, specialty paint finishes might just be what you are looking for!

Specialty finishes are mostly active in three broad markets: consumer electronics, automotive interiors and exteriors as well as lifestyle goods.

In consumer electronics, specialty paint finishes really are special

The most important things when it comes to developing and manufacturing consumer products are firstly innovation, secondly design and lastly differentiation. Because the competition is fierce and the window to succes can just be a smal difference in design. For example: a colour that impresses, a beautiful finish or an exciting effect can create a buzz among users and reviewers that will make or break your product (and/or brand).

These days, people make a fashion statement with their phones, their tablets, and also their sound systems.

Specialty finishes car

Protection and luxurious looks with specialty finishes

So in today’s broad market with plenty of choice, a specialty paint finishes have never been more important. A specialty finish is for example available for:

  • Mobile devices
  • Home entertainment systems
  • Printers & monitors
  • Computers & laptops
  • Game systems
  • Home appliances

The possibility’s are endless

All sorts of substrates can be coated. Whether it’s plastic, metal or even glass. High gloss, low gloss, soft feel, also eye teasing special effects and everything in between is possible. AkzoNobel for example is a specialist in texture finishes like the “Silky soft” coating you can feel on many computers and laptops. They even have a Solutions Lab that can make custom made colours and effects to suit your needs. And they also keep track of trends in color and design so you know your product finish will be on trend.

Specialty paint finishes on the move

If there is one area where specialty finishes are appreciated it’s the car industry. Interiors and also exteriors are treated according to the wishes of leading automakers in the world.  There is for example coating for door handles, climate control bezels, speedometer housings and interior trims. Furthermore even front grills, mirrors, drive shafts and even rear bumpers can be treated with a special finish. The colours and effects perfectly match the most modern automotive coatings offered to consumers today.

The most important part of car specialty paintfinishes is finding the perfect match. Because the car that comes from the assembly often has parts coming from many different places this is a precise matching job. Luckily, with today’s technology,  any colour and effect can be perfectly matched. And complexity is not even an issue.

Innovation in smart coatings

Besides colour, look and feel there are also smart coatings for specialty paint finishes. For example:

  • Anti streak and anti fingerprint coatings
  • Scratch and abrasion resistant coating
  • Glow in the dark coating
  • Hygienic coating

Colour your lifestyle

Specialty paint finishes on a golf ball

Golf balls also receive a specialty paint finish that improves the properties.

Colour is important in peoples life. It can portrait a certain style, image or even feeling. So it’s no wonder colour is immensely important on the products we use for function, entertainment and lifestyle. There are ofcourse many different colours, finishes and special effects to accomplish a brand’s custom needs. A few application examples are:

  • Perfume glass containers
  • Cosmetic packaging
  • Make- up containers
  • Personal care items like toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes
  • Motorcycles
  • Ski’s and snow boards
  • And even: Electrical switches, buttons, signs, debit and credit cards and many many more items.

What almost all lifestyle items have in common is that they require very unique applications. For example; no perfume bottle has the same shape. Furthermore they each require a finish that for example can withstand scratches, fingerprints or water. Some manufacturers like AkzoNobel even have their own in-house design specialists. They help packaging designers and also sports equipment manufacturers in design decisions and color choices.