stain block paint on exterior wall

Stain block coating prevents migration

The main purpose of any stain block coating is to prevent stains from migrating from the existing surface to the new coating layer. Stain blocking coatings exist as different products which are applicable on different stages of the paint job. These coatings are:

  • Block primer (application before topcoat)
  • Stain sealer (first coating layer)
  • Stain blocking paint (topcoat)

A stain blocking coating is always a highly opaque system which forms a barrier between the old and new layers. Choosing the coating is dependent on the types of stains one wishes to cover. Also the substrate material plays a role in choosing the product. There are coatings suitable for for example garages, bathrooms, children’s rooms and kitchens.

Stains to block

stain block coating on exterior wall

Transparent stain block coatings are suitable for example for porous exterior surfaces to prevent staining.

Stain blocking paint and other coatings are designed for hiding stains which are difficult to remove. These stains may be internal resulting from damp or bleeding material material (wood). On the other hand they can be external caused by substances such as nicotine, smoke, marker pens.

There are suitable paints for covering oil and fuel stains in garages,  children’s drawings on walls and graffiti.

The coatings are applicable on metals, wood and concrete. Other substrates are possible depending on the product.

Nicotine blocking paint

Smoking cigarettes inside eventually colours walls, doors and other surfaces. These stains are caused by nicotine and tar contained in cigarette smoke. The stains are very difficult to clean, therefore, one might try to hide them by painting over them. However, you should not use any paint. Be sure to pick a product that is identified as nicotine blocking paint. Even if you use the right kind of coating, it is important to try to remove the stains. Nicotine namely keeps bleeding trying to find its way to the new paint.

Stain block paint suppliers in the UK

At least the following companies offer stain block paint for consumers and businesses.

  • Rawlins paint
  • Promain
  • Watco

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