Hide Stains Forever with Stain Block Paint

Stains on your paintwork are an unsightly nuisance that, though they may not be harmful, will attract the eye and resentment at their unpleasantness. You don’t want to live in a house that you resent, and fortunately there is a simple solution that won’t break the bank – stain block paint.

Stain blocking paint holds back stubborn stains

We all know what it is like to paint stained walls and other surfaces – it is always a gamble if the paint will cover the stains and keep them from appearing ever again. Stain blocking paint is a coating specially designed to hold back even the most stubborn stains! It is usually a white or tinted basecoat or primer with extremely good covering properties.

Depending on the needs of the substrate you can choose for a stain block primer or basecoat which both make sure no stain will leach to the topcoat. Stains that are usually covered with stain block paint are those caused by for example nicotine, smoke, bitumen, crayon, grease and damp.

Stain block primer and paint products in the UK

Here you will find some of the UK’s best stain block paint products and brands, that beat even the most stubborn stains.

Johnstone’s Paint to Block Stains

johnstone's stain block paint stains to block
Johnstone’s Paint to Block Stains

Type: Stain block paint for interiors and exterior

Description: When you need to cover stains caused by nicotine, smoke, marker pen, wax crayon, graffiti, tannin or bitumen, Johnstone’s stain block paint ‘Paint to Block Stains’ is an ideal solution. The stain blocker paint belongs to Johnstone’s Specialty range as a Problem Solver and is meant for hiding stains on plaster and brickwork – interiors and exteriors. The paint results in a white, tough, matt finish which does not let stains bleed through to the top coat. As stain block paints usually also this one is white coloured and should be overcoated to give it some colour.  Johnstone’s stain blocker can be combined with any emulsion paint, however, the recommended products include Johnstone’s Matt, Silk and Soft Sheen ranges. The overcoating can take place after 3 hours from completed application.

Stains to cover: Nicotine, smoke, marker pen, wax crayon, graffiti, tannin and bitumen

Ready for overcoating: 3 hours

One Coat Stain Block Paint by Ronseal

ronseal one coat stain block paint
Ronseal One Coat Stain Block

Type: Stain block paint for interior use

Description: Ronseal’s stain block paint is a good idea when you need a solution in one coat. The One Coat Stain Block covers stains caused by nicotine, crayon, grease and much more, in just one layer of paint and makes sure they will never again see daylight. This permanently blocking anti stain paint is suitable for interior walls and ceilings and should be applied in a warm and well ventilated environment. Overcoating can be done with most regular wall and ceiling paints.

Stains to cover:  Nicotine, crayon, grease etc.

Ready for overcoating: 4 hours

Rustins Stain Block Primer

Rustins stain blocker and multi surface primer
Stain block primer by Rustins

Type: Stain blocking primer for interior and exterior

Description: Are you looking for a product that can be used on a wide range of surfaces indoors and outdoors? Rustins Stain Block Primer is certainly a product to consider -it is suitable for indoor and outdoor wood, plaster and previously painted surfaces. Also adheres well to ceramic tiles, glass and melamine. It seals all stains that may bleed through and damage the top coat. The top coat can be any paint suitable for the substrate.

Stains to block: Asphalt, bitumen, crayon, creosote, graffiti, nicotine, rust, soot, tannin and water stains

Ready for overcoating: 2 hours

Zinsser Cover Stain

zinsser cover stain stain block primer
Zinsser Cover Stain

Type: Stain block primer for interior and exterior

Description: Zinsser provides a stain block primer called Cover Stain – this primer forms a tough, protective bases for stained interior and exterior surfaces making sure the stains stay where they should – behind the stain blocker! This shellac based stain block primer is suitable for many surfaces and adheres even to the glossy ones. In interiors it has great hiding power and stain killing properties as well as providing an enamel undercoat performance. In exteriors, the coating provides flexibility on all surfaces especially dimensionally unstable wood panelling and trim. It is resistant to cracking and peeling and can be combined with any decorative top coat.

Stains to block: all kinds of stains, especially nicotine and water

Ready for overcoating: 2 hours

Hard Hat Stain Blocker by Rust-Oleum

rust-oleum stain blocker stain block primer
Rust-Oleum Hard Hat Stain Blocker

Type: Stain blocker for quick fixes

Description: When you need a quick fix Rust-Oleum’s Hard Hat Stain Blocker does the job – it comes in a handy spray can and results in a matt white finish which is non yellowing and has great hiding power. This stain block solution is ideal for applications on concrete, plaster, particle board, existing coatings and wall paper but suits also many other surfaces.

The Stain Blocker is water based and odourless and can be overcoated with any standard wall or ceiling paint.

Stains to block: Nicotine, soot, tar and rust and the effects of moisture, graffiti and a numerous other colourings

Ready for overcoating: 30 minutes

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