Stove Paint & Heat Resistant Paint for Fireplace

When painting surfaces like stoves and fireplaces that are exposed to heat or fire, it is important to choose a paint that can withstand the temperatures without damage. The wrong paint will fade, crack and peel under the stress of of the heat. Which is why there is fireplace paint for when you want to update your fireplace surround, or stove paint when it comes time to recoat your stove, chimney, or barbecue.

Whether you are giving a tired and shabby fireplace a makeover, or giving a heat-exposed metallic item a new lick of paint, there are a multitude of coatings for the task.

The top heat proof paint for fireplaces and stoves in the UK

Below we have an outline of the top heat resistant stove paints and fireplace paints on the market. For painting the bricks of your fireplace surround rather than the interior surfaces, you can use an indoor latex emulsion, so long as it is heat rated to about 250°C. If you do paint your fireplace surround, make sure to choose an appropriate primer.

Heat resistant stove paint
Blackfriar High Heat Resistant Paint

Blackfriar – for barbecues, grates, chimineas, radiators

Blackfriar Heat Resistant Paint has a new improved formula to increase its heat resistance to be able to withstand temperatures up to 600°C. It is ideal for barbecues, grates, chimineas, and radiators. It is also:

  • Water-based and quick drying
  • For interior and exterior use
  • An attractive matt black finish

Heat resistant stove paint
Rustin’s Quick Dry Heat Resistant Paint

Rustins – for metal and wood, inside and out

Rustin’s is the go to brand for DIY specialty paints. Their Quick Dry Heat Resistant Black Paint is perfectly suited for metal and wood that needs to withstand up to 220°C. It is:

  • A water-based, low VOC, crosslinking acrylic resin
  • For interior and exterior surfaces
  • Not for use on wood burning stoves

Heat resistant stove paint
 Trade Paints Heat Resistant Stove Paint

Trade Paints – for stoves, wood burners, furnaces, BBQs

A paint specially designed for stoves, wood burners, furnaces, boilers, and barbecues, Trade Paints’ Stove Paint provides heat resistance of up to 400°C in silver and 200°C in other colours. It is also:

  • A protective and decorative gloss paint
  • For direct application onto steel surfaces
  • Based on a silicone modified alkyd resin

Fireplace paint
Hammerite Barbecue Paint

Hammerite – for metal barbecue exteriors

A spray paint from Hammerite, specially formulated for use on metal barbecue exteriors. It will preserve and beautify, bringing your old barbecue back to its former glory. It is:

  • Highly tolerant to heat, resisting up to 600°C
  • Abrasion resistant and resists cracking and flaking
  • Quick drying and with no primer required

Fireplace paint
Purimachos Heat Resistant Paint

Purimachos – for stoves, furnaces, chimneys, ovens

Purimachos is the Everbuild Heat Resistant Paint line. It is a protective and decorative coating, making it perfect for domestic stoves, chimneys, ovens, and exhausts. It is:

  • Quick drying and curing
  • Brush-applied
  • Can withstand temperatures up to 600°C

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