tools with thermoplastic dip coating

Thermoplastic dip coating for bulk production

Thermoplastic dip coating is done by dipping objects in a fluidised bed of thermoplastic powder. The application takes place in a metal box with an open top and a fine gauze on the bottom, so fine that the plastic powder does not fall through it. As air is added through the gauze, the powder rises and behaves as though it were liquid. Preheated metal objects are dipped into the fluidised bed, the heat makes the powder particles melt and form a uniform seamless coating thick film on the objects.

Thermoplastic coating is the most efficient when a part of bulk production due to the fact that setting up the coating line is a major investment, and it allows identical coating on many objects in short time. Thermoplastic dip coating is often done on hand tools, toys, medical instruments and a wide range of consumer goods. Thermoplastic coatings are also suitable on mechanical parts that may eventually be remolded.

The pro’s and con’s of thermoplastic powders

Thermoplastic dip coating results in a strong, seamless and flexible plastic coating which can melt or be molten as effect of heat. The thermoplastic powders and the dip coating process have their advantages and disadvantages:

thermoplastic dip coating process

Thermoplastic powder behaves as liquid as an effect of air and heat.


  • Environmentally friendly,  low VOC coating which can be recycled
  • Due to the heat sensitivity it can be remolded and reshaped (also repaired)


  • Rather expensive to set up, powders are also more expensive than thermosets
  • High temperatures can “overheat” the coating and let it melt damaging the film
  • Limites substrate suitability (mostly dip coating metals)

Find a thermoplastic dip coating service

As setting up a fluidised bed may be expensive, it is not always worth investing in something that would not be in continuous use. Therefore, if bulk production is not a standard operating procedure, it might be more convenient to outsource the dip coating process.

Here are some companies that do thermoplastic dip coating in the UK.

Booth Wire (Hebble Plastic Coatings)Springvale Works, Brookfoot Lane, Elland, Brighouse HD6 2RN
Plastic CoatingsHam Lane, Kingswinford, West Midlands, DY6 7JY

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information on thermoplastic dip coaters or thermoplastic powders. Our coating experts are happy to help.

The usual path of using a thermoplastic dip coating service

If an external party does the thermoplastic coating for you, be sure to share essential information with the service in order to receive a quote as accurate as possible. The following path includes the most common steps towards a thermoplastic coating quote:

  • Send samples of the products you want coated
  • Provide specifications and required properties (colour, finish, thickness etc.)
  • You will receive a tailored quote on basis of the samples and information
  • The parts will be test coated and sent to you for for inspection
  • If the samples are approved, you can arrange the shipment of the products to the facilities and the coating process can start.