drills with golden titanium nitride coating

Titanium Nitride Coating for many purposes

Titanium nitride coating, also known as TiN coating is a hard ceramic coating which belongs to the group of PVD coatings. It namely, is applied in a Physical Vapour Deposition. TiN coatings are suitable for most metals and some plastics and ceramic surfaces; they remarkably increase surface properties. Titanium nitride coatings are mainly used in tools, equipment and machinery.

They are ideal for steel and aluminium objects which are subject to high levels of wear and abrasion. They are additionally, used in medical equipment and implants due to the fact that the TiN coatings are non-toxic and have neither taste nor odour.

10 reasons to choose titanium nitride coating

The beneficial properties create more durable products, ease application processes and in general increase efficiency of your production. Here are 10 most important advantages of titanium nitride coating:

golden machine parts treated with titanium nitride coating

TiN coatings are suitable for machine parts because they lubricating and resistant to abrasion

  1. Hard (3 times harder than chrome)
  2. Well adhering, forms a molecular bond with the substrate
  3. Applicable on wide range of substrates
  4. Available in wide range of thicknesses
  5. Uniform finish which follows surface structure
  6. Resistant to most chemicals
  7. Lubricating and wear resistant
  8. FDA compliant and non-toxic
  9. Temperature resistance up to 600°C
  10. Conductive and non-corrosive

A cherry on top; titanium nitride coating has a very distinctive golden colour!

Titanium nitride coatings are applied in physical vapour deposition which is an environmentally friendly process. It however, requires special equipment and knowledge on application. Therefore, if TiN coating is not a standard part of your production, it may be smart to let the coating done by a professional.

Industrial titanium nitride coating services UK

In the UK the following companies spesialise in PVD coatings and apply titanium nitride coating as one of the services.

Wallwork Heat Treatment Ltd.Birmingham, Manchester and Cambridge
Teer Coatings Ltd.Worcestershire
JJ Heat Treatment PVD CoatingCaerphilly (Wales)
Hauck Heat TreatmentBirmingham, Blackburn, Cheltenham, Letchworth, Luton, Telford

For further information on industrial titanium nitride coating applications and company details, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you find the best coating option for your products.

Titanium nitride coating re-application on consumer goods

The main non-industrial use of titanium nitride coatings is reapplying it on consumer goods. The most common reapplications are related to bicycle and motorcycle suspensions; TiN coating works well on fork tubes and shock breakers but sometimes wears off. Another, more durable coating for the suspension components is specially for the purpose developed Kashima coating.

The application of titanium nitride coating on bikes is done by many paint shops that also provide kashima. For example G Force and Brook Suspension apply TiN coatings.