whiteboard paint on a wall

Whiteboard paint improves communication and makes space for creativity

Allow creativity to take over in offices, classrooms and anywhere else where it can improve communication! We are all familiar with whiteboards; you can write down your ideas, share a thought with colleagues or leave message to classmates. Nice, but the space is limited… You can now make an entire wall a whiteboard, or all the walls if you wish. It is possible with special dry erase whiteboard paint! If you are in need of a large whiteboard, applying whiteboard paint on the area is significantly cheaper than covering it with multiple whiteboards.

Here you will find the whiteboard paints available in the UK, reviews on those products and how to get them in your hands!

The best whiteboard paint in the UK

In the UK, there are more and more whiteboard paint manufacturers. For example Smarter Surfaces dry erase paint is made in the UK. However, it is also possible to purchase other brands’ products online. However, this might mean additional shipping costs.

In general all the following products are available in the UK.

IdeaPaintHighBothLow210 years
Smarter SurfacesHighBothLow110 years
ReMARKableMediumBothLow210 years
Writey BoardMediumBoth0110 years

On average the price is £90 for the smallest possible container of whiteboard paint. In the case of all the aforementioned products, this is enough to cover at least 3 sq m.

Note that Writey Board and ReMARKable products are not directly available in the UK but must be ordered from overseas meaning that additional shipping costs are possible.

Find whiteboard paint suppliers and products

In case you are doubting which whiteboard paint would be the best for your project, do not hesitate to contact us! Our coating experts are happy to evaluate your project and match it with the best product and supplier.