Xylan coating UK

 Excellent non-stick and lubrication with Xylan coating

Xylan® coating is a registered brand of Whitford for a fluoropolymer coating (PTFE coating). Xylan coating is usually applied as a liquid paint and it is known for its characteristics such as:

Xylan coating is Whitford's brand for PTFE coating

  • Excellent anti-stick properties which makes surfaces easy to clean;
  • Resistance to extreme temperatures (-250°C -to 285°C) which is why it is suitable for pans, ovens and pipelines;
  • Dry film lubrication and good adhesion make Xylan coating suitable for most metals, plastics, wood and ceramic surfaces.
  • Low friction protects from adhesion problems
  • Outstanding electrical and thermal conductivity which prevents sparks and discharges.

Xylan coating in industrial applications

In industrial use, an ideal material does not always have the ideal surface properties: Xylan coating is the solution! It is suitable for preventing contaminants adhering to pipelines and making sure machine parts move smoothly due to sufficient lubrication. Xylan coating guarantees a smooth, dirt repellent surface which does not corrode. This is the reason why Xylan coatings are commonly used for example in the following sectors.

  • Machine building
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food processing
  • Chemicals industry
  • Automotive industry

PTFE coatings are suitable for most metals such as steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and titanium. However, not only is Xylan suitable for metals but also other substrates such as plastics, glass, wood and ceramics. Xylan coating is also used in cookware and fasteners such as screws, bolts and nuts, due to its anti stick properties.

The below link takes you to detailed product information by Whitford.

Guide to Withford Industrial Products (Xylan) 2010

Xylan coating supplied and applied in the UK

Xylan coating has been registered in the UK for a long time. Therefore, there are also many suppliers and applicators in the UK. In the table below you can find some of them.

Xylan coating companyAddress
Impreglon UK LimitedKingsbury Link, Trinity Rd, Piccadilly, Tamworth B78 2EX